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For general information on this book, please see the Wikipedia article The Magician's Nephew.


Beginner warning: Details follow which you may not wish to read at your current level.

Chapter 1: The Wrong Door
Chapter 2: Digory and His Uncle
Chapter 3: The Wood Between the Worlds
Chapter 4: The Bell and the Hammer
Chapter 5: The Deplorable Word
Chapter 6: The Beginning of Uncle Andrew's Troubles
Chapter 7: What Happened at the Front Door
Chapter 8: The Fight at the Lamp-Post
Chapter 9: The Founding of Narnia
Chapter 10: The First Joke and Other Matters
Chapter 11: Digory and His Uncle are Both in Trouble
Chapter 12: Strawberry's Adventure
Chapter 13: An Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 14: The Planting of the Tree
Chapter 15: The End of This Story and the Beginning of All the Others


The sixth book published in the Narnia series, this book is written largely from the point of view of Digory Kirke and his friend Polly Plummer, and describes the initial creation of Narnia, including the arrival of Jadis. This is the second of only two books that does not in some way involve the Pevensie children. Being the creation of Narnia, chronologically it precedes all the other books in the series; however, it assumes so much initial knowledge about the land of Narnia that it is best read after The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. While its prime audience is children aged 8 to about 11, the story has enough depth to make it a satisfying, if short, read for even adult readers, and the characters show realistic development over the course of the book.

Book Highlights[edit]