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For general information on this book, please see the Wikipedia article The Horse and His Boy.


Beginner warning: Details follow which you may not wish to read at your current level.

Chapter 1: How Shasta Set Out on his Travels
Chapter 2: A Wayside Adventure
Chapter 3: At the Gates of Tashbaan
Chapter 4: Shasta Falls In with the Narnians
Chapter 5: Prince Corin
Chapter 6: Shasta Among the Tombs
Chapter 7: Aravis in Tashbaan
Chapter 8: In the House of the Tisroc
Chapter 9: Across the Desert
Chapter 10: The Hermit of the Southern March
Chapter 11: The Unwelcome Fellow Traveller
Chapter 12: Shasta in Narnia
Chapter 13: The Fight at Anvard
Chapter 14: How Bree Became a Wiser Horse
Chapter 15: Rabadash the Ridiculous


The fifth book published in the Narnia series, this book is written largely from the point of view of Shasta, a young boy in Calormen. As it takes place during the reign of High King Peter, it probably fits best in the reading order immediately following The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. While its prime audience is children aged 8 to about 11, the story has enough depth to make it a satisfying, if short, read for even adult readers, and the characters show realistic development over the course of the book.

This book is unique in the series, in that the viewpoint characters do not originate in our world, but instead are native to the world of Narnia.

Book Highlights[edit]