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China is an emerging country. With 5000 years filled with exciting events, terrfic tales and sad stories, China has all it has to offer in stories. From mythology to history, philosophers' fables to works of fiction, China provides a wide variety of stories for all to enjoy. This book will try not only to present the story, but also provide relevant information, such as its history, variations, etc.

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How to use this book[edit | edit source]

Every chapter contains the story first. The story is not necessarily told in a neutral, six-o'clock-news sort of manner, but in the traditional perspective, even if that perspective is biased or factually inaccurate. For example, most people despise Guy Fawkes and regard him in the Stuart perspective, so that perspective will be used. Alternative viewpoints will be mentioned in later sections, or in the footnotes at the end of each chapter. Many important Chinese stories have been made into idioms, so this and other miscellaneous pieces of information will also be included.