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This is a list of references of this book.

Mythology[edit | edit source]


  • Xu Zheng (徐整; pinyin: Xú Zhěng; 220-265 AD), in the book Three Five Historic Records (三五歷紀; pinyin: Sānwǔ Lìjì), is the first to mention Pangu in the story "Pangu Separates the Sky from the Earth".
  • Ge Hong (葛洪; pinyin: Gě Hóng; 284-364 AD), in the book Master of Preserving Simplicity Inner Writings (抱朴子内篇; pinyin: Baopuzi Neipian), describes Pangu (Werner, E.T.C. Myths and Legends of China (1922)).
  • Ouyang Xun (歐陽詢; pinyin: Ōuyáng Xún; 557-641 AD), in the book Classified Anthology of Literary Works (藝文類聚; pinyin: Yiwen Leiju), also refers to Pangu.
  • Carus, Paul (1852-1919) in the book Chinese Astrology, Early Chinese Occultism (1974) based on an earlier book by the same author Chinese Thought (1907).


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