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Biographical Information

   Biographical Information

Margarita Lapina was born and raised in Russia,

Voronezh region, and always had a rich imagination. Since childhood and adolescence, she has been keen on reading classical world literature and absorbs stories and stories about adventures and travels in large quantities. Her early love of teaching fairy tales and fables, myths and legends was instilled in her family, her father was passionately fond of Yesenin. She graduated with honors from the Voronezh railway technical school with a degree in software engineering and continued her studies in the economics department of the Kazan Federal University,In 2021 year, she continued her studies on the "Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest course" by Commonwealth Education Trust 
“Sculpture, literature and painting develop the noble hearts of subsequent generations. It is important

Good events and good aphorisms bring up generations of effective leaders of the Future. ”[1]

She is a happy wife and mother of three children. The love of children's literature came to life when she became a mother. Her first children's stories, Nanorisha, Juicy Stories, Barsenty Land,Proverbs and Sayings for Children, were published in the 2010-2021 years. At this time, she begins to tell stories professionally. Margarita Lapina - author, futurologist, digital artist,philosopher, children's writer, essayist, autor international project #1095fraz and #SmartiScope Author of books on motivation, selfdevelopment, selfeducation Author of "SmartScope", "How to make success a healthy habit of everyone" Since 2012 - participant of the international contests "Neologism of the Year" Founder of the portal "Dobrytiya" Chief Editor of the Dominaster and NanoRisha electronic magazines

 The author is published on the e-platforms Inkspired and BookScriptor
She wrote a total of 70 e-books, wrote comic prose, essays, short stories, is keen on and actively writes modern aphorisms.

More than 408 000 readers around the world are familiar with her Work.

Achievements: The book of aphorisms "Smarticus: one hundred shades of life" entered the quarterfinals of the Gorky Literary Prize 2017 

The author actively promotes his 58 ebooks on selfdevelopment in social networks and more 3500 aphorisms, takes an annual part in Literary contests "Business Book of the Year" "Gorky Literary Prize" 2017 "Literary Prize Publishing House BookScriptor" 2018

"Literary Fund" 2020 year

"Time capsule" 2020 year, Journal "Time" 2021year

The story “Land of Barsenty” reached the final in the Competition of the Russian Literary Center “Literary Fund” in 2020 year and was published in the Collected Works of Contemporary Authors

In 2022 year Lapina Margarita's story "A Beautiful Heart" reached the final of the "Classics and Contemporaries" competition

Active participant of the contests "Neologism of the Year" "LEXUS Awards 2018", "Independent Golden Spear Award", #AutorsCup2020, #AutorsCup2021

Since 2020 year, Margarita is the founder of the Stanford & SmartiScope club of the project #GirlUp under the auspices of UNESCO

Margarita is infinitely grateful to the Kazan Federal University, the startups with which she cooperates, her literary agent, the Coursera team and organizers, and the founders of the Notification course Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest

Lapina Margarita - an active participant in 2021year in the photo competition "Hymn to Joy" of the Darwin Russian Museum, and Sony World Photography Awards 2021

Infinity love, harmony and prosperity are the basis for generations of a better future. It is important (c)

Books of Interest


Welcome to the bright world of childhood, fairy tales and adventure! #Nanorisha is a good friend of parents and children. Funny boy Garik is waiting for you and his nanny-robot woman Nanorisha. The book is written in a living, understandable language for children and covers the themes of Humanity, the Future, the child's communication - a small person and Artificial Intelligence. At present, a book booklet is being removed from the book and it is planned to film a cartoon of the same name, of which you and your children can become collaborators.

Juice Story, illustrated by George&Diana Lapina

Funny stories about the adventures of Arbuzik Buzi and an orange Sochenya, riddles, fun tasks for children and their parents

Recommended for bilinguals The book is intended for the youngest readers and their parents. These are funny stories with juice fruits that will help your child learn to read. Every young reader is a superhero, help your children discover their talents and acquire an extremely useful skill - the skill of literate reading with passion References

Exotic Minds

This is a fun story for kids - bilinguals and their parents who are interested in space technologies, new ideas and discoveries!

The author shares with the reader the emotions and blessings of the young space traveler Radomir and his friends, inviting to make an exciting journey into the world of the Future

Smarting/Modern Aphorisms, Illustrator Alex Andreev The author continues the study and knowledge of human intelligence and mechanisms of effective human thinking. The method of human self-development with speech writing elements is recommended as a mental simulator for people of any age. These are powerful ideas, vision, other meanings and updated metareality. More than 3500 aphorisms created during the international project #1095fraz

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