Children's Authors/Kate DiCamillo

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Biographical Information[edit | edit source]

Write an introduction to the author that includes biographical information. What is the relationship between the author’s life experiences and his/her books? Gather biographical information about the author or illustrator that you feel will be of interest to children. Use at least three sources, one of which must be an article in an educational journal.

Books of Interest[edit | edit source]

Select and briefly critically annotate 6 books you feel are representative of his/her work. This will consist of 3-5 sentences that highlight the books’ qualities that meet the criteria of excellence discussed in class, and 1-2 sentences describing how you think the book will invigorate and engage readers. (Be sure that your annotations primarily refer to the way the book is written and/or illustrated– its literary and artistic merits – and not just to what the book is about.)
Compare and contrast the books you have selected. Describe the author’s style, any recurrent themes and other distinguishing characteristics of the author’s work. What generalizations would you like students to be able to make about the books?

References[edit | edit source]

Be sure to provide complete citation information including author, title, illustrator, publisher, copyright date. Other resources should also be cited appropriately.