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Biographical Information[edit | edit source]

Norway's history, culture and folktales inspire many of Jessica Day George's stories.

Jessica Day George was born in Idaho. She has also lived in Delaware and New York but now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is known for writing novels for young readers. Growing up Jessica was an avid reader. She read anything she could get her hands on. She loved reading so much she decided to become an author so she could write stories about the things she liked. Jessica went to Brigham Young University in Utah where she took classes in pottery making and Old Norse. She felt these types of classes would help her as she wrote fantasy fiction. Her first novel, Dragon Slippers is the introduction to a trilogy about a girl and the dragons she encounters. In 2008 Jessica wrote the medieval fantasy Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. In 2009, she took the traditional tale of 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' and gave it a twist in Princess of the Midnight Ball. She feels the more books she reads, the better author she will be because reading books gives her more background knowledge for her own books.

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Books of Interest[edit | edit source]

A Welsh Dragon.

Dragon Slippers (published in 2007) is the first book that Day George wrote for young readers. It also happens to be the first in her Dragon trilogy. Day George captivates young readers with descriptive details and introduces interesting characters, many of whom are dragons. Day George is able to bring her characters to life with her superb storytelling skills. Readers fall in love with the dragons throughout the story and cheer for good to prevail over evil.

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow (published in 2008) is an exciting fantasy that begins with a girl who is so unloved that her mother won't even give her a name. Day George's writing is enchanting as she retells the ancient Norwegian legend, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, about 'the lass' and her journey to a magical castle owned by the great white polar bear. Readers will be swept up as 'the lass' goes on an enchanted journey and realizes things are not what they seem. This is a well written story with exciting characters who draw the reading into the windswept, icy adventure that ends with true love.

Polar bear in the wild.

Dragon Flight (published in 2008) reunites the reader with the charming characters, both human and dragon, from Dragon Slippers as the second book in Day George's Dragon trilogy. Once again readers are drawn into the world of Creel and her dragon friends as she tries to help fend off a neighboring country that has been preparing dragons, against their will, for war. Day George once again captivates readers with her delightful storytelling. Readers will be engaged as Day George is gives descriptive details to bring this tale to life.

In Princess of the Midnight Ball (published 2009) Day George puts a new twist on a favorite fairy tale, 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'. Once again Day George is able to draw the reader into the story with powerful characters and an interesting twist on an old favorite. Her use of figurative language captivates the reader. The twelve princesses have unique personalities; the more Day George describes them the more the reader comes to know them and the terrible fate they are bound to. With quick wit and strong determination the princesses are able to break the spell that binds them. Readers join the princesses on an exciting adventure as Day George spins the tale page after page.

Day George's dragons lived in caves to stay hidden from humans.

Dragon Spear (published 2009) is the final book of the Dragon trilogy. Creel must go on her most dangerous adventure yet. Day George once again brings us her loving, charming, and quirky dragon friends to join Creel and her friends as they once and for all try to bring peace between the humans and the dragons. Day George uses her remarkable writing talent to tell this fantasy that mesmerizes readers. We are drawn into the pages of her book as she recounts the journey of Creel and her friends to a foreign land where the dragon queen has been kidnapped. Day George's use of the English language (and her Dragon language) sets the scene for a magical adventure worth taking.

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