Chess Variants/Monster Chess

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a b c d e f g h
8a8 black rookb8 black knightc8 black bishopd8 black queene8 black kingf8 black bishopg8 black knighth8 black rook8
7a7 black pawnb7 black pawnc7 black pawnd7 black pawne7 black pawnf7 black pawng7 black pawnh7 black pawn7
6a6 black kingb6 black kingc6 black kingd6 black kinge6 black kingf6 black kingg6 black kingh6 black king6
5a5 black kingb5 black kingc5 black kingd5 black kinge5 black kingf5 black kingg5 black kingh5 black king5
4a4 black kingb4 black kingc4 black kingd4 black kinge4 black kingf4 black kingg4 black kingh4 black king4
3a3 black kingb3 black kingc3 black kingd3 black kinge3 black kingf3 black kingg3 black kingh3 black king3
2a2 black kingb2 black kingc2 white pawnd2 white pawne2 white pawnf2 white pawng2 black kingh2 black king2
1a1 black kingb1 black kingc1 black kingd1 black kinge1 white kingf1 black kingg1 black kingh1 black king1
a b c d e f g h
Monster chess starting position.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Monster Chess (also known as Super King Chess) is an asymmetric variant where White is allowed to move twice per turn.

History[edit | edit source]

It is not known where monster chess came from, but we know it is a rather recent variant.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Monster chess is played like an asymmetrical version of the standard game, with one important difference - to compensate for the severe disadvantage in material, White is allowed to move twice per turn, rather than once. White may move one piece twice, or two pieces once.

The white king is allowed to use its two moves to pass through check, provided it ends on a square not under attack.

A king is considered to be in check is the opponent could execute a legal move or pair of moves that would result in the king being captured.

Otherwise, standard chess rules apply.

Sub-variants[edit | edit source]

This chess variant does not have any notable sub-variants.