Chess/The Endgame/Endings with 3+ Minor Pieces

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Endgames with multiple minor pieces are rare and pretty easy to win.

(With the exception of 3 bishops which are all the same color)

Three knights[edit | edit source]

a b c d e f g h
8a8 black kingb8 black kingc8 black kingd8 black kinge8 black kingf8 black kingg8 black kingh8 black king8
7a7 black kingb7 black kingc7 black kingd7 black kinge7 black kingf7 black kingg7 black kingh7 black king7
6a6 black kingb6 black kingc6 black kingd6 black kinge6 black kingf6 black kingg6 black kingh6 black king6
5a5 black kingb5 black kingc5 black kingd5 black kinge5 black kingf5 black kingg5 black kingh5 black king5
4a4 black kingb4 white knightc4 black kingd4 black kinge4 black kingf4 black kingg4 black kingh4 black king4
3a3 black kingb3 black kingc3 black kingd3 black kinge3 black kingf3 black kingg3 black kingh3 black king3
2a2 black kingb2 white knightc2 black kingd2 black kinge2 white kingf2 black kingg2 black kingh2 black king2
1a1 black kingb1 black kingc1 black kingd1 black kinge1 white knightf1 black kingg1 black kingh1 black king1
a b c d e f g h
Three knights, white to move

The general strategy is to take squares away from the king, push the king to the edge, and then checkmate. When two knights are protecting each other there's a nice 3 square wall.

1. Kf3, Kc3?, 2. Nd3, Kd4, 3. Kf4 (Only 1 move!), Kc3, 4. Ke3, Kb3, (There's going to be a wall) 5. Kd2, Ka3, 6. Kc1, Kb3, 7. Nd5!, Ka3?, 8. Kb1! (the king is already contained, no need to push to the corner), Kb3, 9. Nc5+, Ka3, 10. Nc4#