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The story takes place sometime between the start and end of the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. The two forces establish an uneasy truce and decide to settle this with a game of chess in order to determine who holds the future for the galaxy.


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Many characters from the Star Wars Trilogy are playable chessmen:

Rank Rebels as white (blue pieces when setting up the game) playing first Dark side as black (red pieces when setting up the game)
King Luke Skywalker Emperor Palpatine
Queen Princess Leia Darth Vader
Bishops C-3PO Boba Fett
Knights Chewbacca Tusken Raiders
Rooks Yoda AT-ST's
Pawns R2-D2 Stormtroopers

Normal rules of chess apply, but at least in the DOS version, a pawn reaching the opposite end may become a queen only. Inspired by Battle Chess published by Interplay since 1988, one chess piece taking an opposing one gets a brief battle scene.[1] The player may turn it off to speed the game, especially if the computer is slow. Sega CD and Windows 3.x, not DOS, feature checkmating scenes, plus a large tube descending from above to vacuum some defeated characters.

Han Solo frozen in carbonite also appears in PC version only as a non-playable character.

Sample moves


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