Chemistry 101/Elements and Atoms: The Basics of Chemistry/Conventions

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Writing Conventions/How to read this Book

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Book Organization

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This book is divided into Chapters, which are further divided into sections. The section pages are those which contain the content for reading. The book page contains the complete table of contents, while each chapter page contains the table of contents only for that chapter. Given this explanation, navigation should be self explanatory using the small links in the top left. However, additional navigation capabilities will be added in the future to make things even easier.

Definition of key terms

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When key terms appear in the text they are denoted in one of two ways.

  • If the key term is defined within the text, directly before or after the term appears, then it is shown as italicized text.
  • If the term is left to be formally defined at the end of the section(bottom of page), then it will be shown in boldface text.

1.2 -- The Importance of Chemistry