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SIRCh: Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry

NOTE: Inquiries about the courses listed below should be addressed to the academic institution in which they are offered.

Guides to Chemistry Courses on the Internet[edit]

Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Courses[edit]

Biochemistry Courses[edit]

  • MIT Biology Hypertextbook (Shane Crotty, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • NetBiochem (Topics in Medicinal Biochemistry) (James Baggott, Hahnemann and Sharon E. Dennis, University of Utah)

Chemical Information and Cheminformatics Courses[edit]

Crystallography Courses[edit]

General Chemistry Courses[edit]

Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry Courses[edit]

Organic Chemistry Courses[edit]

Physical Chemistry Courses[edit]

Polymer Chemistry Courses[edit]