Chemical Information Sources/CIIM/Chemical Abstracts and STN

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Chemical Information Instructional Materials

All Chemical Abstracts Service Databases/Products[edit | edit source]
SciFinder[edit | edit source]
STN Express with Discover![edit | edit source]
STN Easy[edit | edit source]
STN on the Web[edit | edit source]
Command Line Searching in STN Databases[edit | edit source]
    • ANALYZE and TABULATE for Statistical Analysis (PDF)
    • Archive and Redistribute Results with the STN Information Keep & Share Program (PDF)
    • Basic Commands on STN (PDF)
    • CA Section Thesaurus (PDF)
    • CAS REGISTRY: Finding CAS Registry Numbers(PDF)
    • CAS REGISTRY: Stereoisomer Searching (PDF)
    • CAS REGISTRY: BLAST Similarity Searching via STN Express (PDF)
    • CAS REGISTRY: Exact and Pattern Searching of Nucleic Acid Sequences (PDF)
    • CAS REGISTRY: Exact and Pattern Searching of Protein Sequences (PDF)
    • CAS Roles in CA/CAplus(PDF)
    • CASLINK for one-step Structure Searching in CAS REGISTRY, MARPAT, and CAplus (PDF)
    • Citation Searching in SciSearch (PDF)
    • Current Awareness Alerts User Guide (PDF)
    • Polymer Information on STN (PDF)
    • STN Index User Guide (PDF)
    • Thesauri on STN (PDF)
    • TRANSFER Command for Crossfile Searching(PDF)

General[edit | edit source]