Chemical Information Sources/Analytical Chemistry Searches/Wilson and Wilson's Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry

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Vol/Part/Year Contents

I A 1959 Analytical Processes; Gas Analysis; Inorganic Qualitative Analysis; Organic Qualitative Analysis; Inorganic Gravimetric Analysis

I B 1960 Inorganic Titrimetric Analysis; Organic Quantitative Analysis

I C 1962 Analytical Chemistry of the Elements

II A 1964 Electrochemical Analysis; Electrodeposition; Potentiometric Titrations; Conductometric Titrations; High-frequency Titrations

II B 1968 Liquid Chromatography in Columns; Gas Chromatography; Ion Exchangers; Distillation

II C 1971 Paper and Thin-Layer Chromatography

II D 1975 Coulometric Analysis

III 1975 Elemental Analysis with MinuteSamples; Standards and Standardization; Separations by Liquid Amalgams; Vacuum Fusion Analysis of Gases in Metals; Electroanalysis in Molten Salts

IV 1975 Instrumentation for Spectroscopy; Atomic Absorption and Fluorescence Spectroscopy; Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy

V 1975 Emission Spectroscopy; Analytical Microwave Spectroscopy; Analytical Applications of Electron Microscopy

VI 1976 Analytical Infrared Spectroscopy

VII 1976 Thermal Methods in Analytical Chemistry; Substoichiometric Analytical Methods

VIII 1977 Enzyme Electrodes in Analytical Chemistry; Molecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy

IX 1979 Ultraviolet Photoelectron and Photoion Spectroscopy; Auger Electron Spectroscopy; Plasma Excitation in Spectrochemical Analysis

X 1980 Organic Spot Test Analysis; The History of Analytical Chemistry

XI 1981 The Application of Mathematical Statistics in Analytical Chemistry

XII A 1981 Thermal Analysis: Simultaneous Thermoanalytical Examinations by Means of the Derivatograph

XII B 1982 Thermal Analysis: Biochemical and Clinical Applications of Thermometric and Thermal Analysis

XII C 1984 Thermal Analysis: Emanation Thermal Analysis and Other Radiometric Emanation Methods

XII D 1984 Thermal Analysis: Thermophysical Properties of Solids

XII E 1990 Thermal Analysis: Pulse Method of Measuring Basic Thermophysical Parameters

XIII A 1981 Analysis of Complex Hydrocarbons: Separation Methods

XIII B 1981 Analysis of Complex Hydrocarbons: Group Analysis and Detailed Analysis

XIV 1982 Ion Exchangers in Analytical Chemistry

XV 1983 Methods of Organic Analysis

XVI 1982 Chemical Microscopy; Thermomicroscopy of Organic Compounds

XVII 1982 Gas and Liquid Analyzers

XVIII 1983 Kinetic Methods in Chemical Analysis; Application of Computers in Analytical Chemistry

XIX 1986 Analytical Visible and Ultraviolet Spectrometry

XX 1985 Photometric Methods in Inorganic Trace Analysis

XXI 1988 New Developments in Conductimetric and Oscillometric Analysis

XXII 1986 Titrimetric Analysis in Organic Solvents

XXIII 1988 Analytical and Biomedical Applications of Ion-Selective Field-Effect Transistors

XXIV 1989 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

XXV 1990 Preconcentration of Trace Elements

XXVI 1990 Radionuclide X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

XXVII 1992 Analytical Voltammetry

XXVIII 1991 Analysis of Substances in the Gaseous Phase

XXIX 1992 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay

XXX 1996 Spectrochemical Trace Analysis for Metals and Metalloids

XXXI 1996 Surfactants in Analytical Chemistry: Applications of Organized Amphiphilic Media

XXXII 1999 Environmental Analytical Chemistry