Change Issues in Curriculum and Instruction/Other Issues Worth Investigating/24 May, 2007

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1. Distraction:

2. Effective Consumption of Information: Navigating the Ocean of Information

3. The Right Tool for the Job: How can we find the appropriate tools (software, etc.) to achieve our various educational objectives?

4. Wiki and Rhetoric: Re-evaluating Rhetorical Principles Based on Web 2.0 Innovations

5. Involving Parents in the Learning Process Through Web 2.0 Innovations

6. Addressing Resistance: Converting the Web 2.0 Nay-Sayers

7. Making Connections Through Web 2.0: Between Parents and Teachers, Teachers and Teachers, Teachers and Students, etc.

8. Diverse Curricular Support Materials: YouTube and other Web 2.0 Innovators Providing Diverse Educational Resources

9. Tailoring Web 2.0: How can we make these technologies engaging for diverse groups of people?

10. Helping Collaboration Exist in a Standards-Based Educational Environment