Cello Handbook/The Bridge

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The Bridge

The Bridge is the part of the cello which holds the end part of the strings. Without the bridge, you wouldn't be able to play the cello. If the bridge breaks/falls, here are some points to consider when fixing it:

  • It is recommended that you send it to a repair shop to fix broken parts.

If the bridge falls of, check the top of the Cello if there are any cracks. If there are cracks, send it immediately to a trusted repair shop. If there aren't any, you can attempt to setting it back yourself. If the bridge is snapped in half or if they are any cracks on the bridge, send it to a trust repair shop.

How do I manually set it up myself since my bridge fell but they aren't any cracks on the top of the violin? Loosen the strings a bit, be very careful when doing this. Next, CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY, with two hands, hold the bridge up, with the bridge aligned with the f holes,. As you tune the strings to good pitch, take care that the top of the bridge is not being pulled forward by the scrolls. Then gently, with two hands, center the bridge there.