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Why would anyone want to use Celestia?[edit]

  • Because you have an interest in outer space and in the exploration of space.
  • Because it is Fun! That is, if you like to explore the Universe.
  • Because it is Educational. With Celestia, you can learn about the Universe.
  • If you are a teacher, you already have access to Frank Gregorio's Lesson Plans. These are designed to educate while they entertain bored young minds.
  • Because if you are an Artist, it gives you all the freedom necessary to develop your ideas...
  • If you don't have a telescope, you can still view the planets up close, and in person. You can also view their moons, orbiting spacecraft and a whole lot more.
  • Because it is absolutely free. No charges or fees of any kind ever.
  • Trajectory analysis?
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Why not use some other program?[edit]

  • Freeware
    • Hayden Planetarium's Digital Universe Atlas
    • Jason Harris' KStars
    • 4D2U's Mitaka
    • Martin Schweiger's Orbiter
    • NCSA's Partiview
    • Stellarium (partial)
    • Clear Sky Institute's XEphem
  • Shareware
    • FMJ Software's StarStrider
  • Commercial
    • Software Bisque's Seeker
  •  ?

Although ALL of the above software titles are useful in their own right, none of these allow such thorough journeys to the planets, their moons, the stars, the asteroids, the galaxies and the planetary nebulae - ALL in one place. These visits are up-close and personal and in vivid detail with exceptional graphics and animations. You can also visit many, MANY spacecraft and see what they look(ed) like in space.

What Can't Celestia Do?[edit]

  • Telescope control
  • 180 degree field of view
  • Sound
  • 3D stereoscopic or anaglyph viewing
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