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capture[edit | edit source]

capture { type <jpg|png> filename <name> }

Take a screenshot and save it to disk (if allowed by your system).


  1. To avoid overwriting other files (i.e. non-screenshots), the filename is always something like "screenshot-000001.png" or "screenshot-<name>-000001.png", where the number is counting from 1 on for each time you start a script, and name can be chosen by the script - see above.
  2. Taking screenshots takes some time, but any flash, print, goto or center command in progress won't wait. This may change in future, but OTOH nobody has complained yet.
  3. The limitations which were put in place for security reasons in Celestia version 1.3.2 have been somewhat lifted in Celestia version 1.4.0, because CEL-scripting also offers less secure screenshot taking. This means that security can be circumvented by using a CEL script anyway :-(
  4. However screenshots still are written to the directory set by the config option "ScriptScreenshotDirectory" in the celestia.cfg file, defaulting to the main celestia directory (typically something like C:\Program Files\Celestia\), depending on your system, Celestia might not be allowed to write files there.


type <jpg|png>
Define the filetype (extension) of the screenshot, default is "png"
Must be one of:
  • "png"
  • "jpg"
filename <name>
A required string which will be used in the entire filename of this screenshot, including the extension.
This name is restricted to A-z, 0-9 and _ (underscore) with a maximum length of many chars.

CELX equivalent:

Based on the celestia:takescreenshot() method.

  • Take a screenshot and save it to disk (if allowed by your system). Return boolean true if successful.
screenshot = celestia:takescreenshot("jpg", <name>)

-- OR --

screenshot = celestia:takescreenshot("png", <name>)

Take a screenshot of the actual scene and store it in filename: "screenshot-test-000001.jpg". If this filename already exist, the number-part will be incremented until the first free number.


capture { type "jpg" filename "test" }


screenshot = celestia:takescreenshot("jpg", "test")

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