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Celestia was created by Chris Laurel.

The Celestia AUTHORS file lists the following people:

  • Chris Laurel <claurel@www.shatters.net>
  • Clint Weisbrod <cweisbrod@cogeco.ca>
  • Fridger Schrempp <t00fri@mail.desy.de>
  • Bob Ippolito <bob@redivi.com>
  • Christophe Teyssier <chris@teyssier.org>
  • Hank Ramsey <hramsey@users.sourceforge.net>
  • Grant Hutchison <granthutchison@blueyonder.co.uk>

Other contributors to the Celestia software distribution are cited in the README file.

Authors who have generously contributed material from their previously written documentation to this wikibook include:

  • Chris Laurel
  • Selden Ball

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People who have made original contributions to this wikibook include:

  • Chris Laurel
  • Selden Ball

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Many other people have also made valuable contributions to the Celestia community in various ways. Those that deserve special mention here are:

  • add deserving individuals (not yourself, of course!) with their permission here

And if we've inadvertently left out anyone you think should be mentioned, please add them!