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This category sorts Bamanankan-speaking users by order of fluency (1 = native, 2 = nearly native, 3 = fluent, 4 = intermediate, 5 = basic).

Code Result Sort number
{{user language|bm|N}}
bm-N Nin mɔgɔ ka sinminkan ye bamanakan.
1 = native
{{user language|bm|4}}
bm-4 Nin mɔgɔ bɛ bamanakan mɛ kosɛbɛ kosɛbɛ.
2 = nearly native
{{user language|bm|3}}
bm-3 Nin mɔgɔ bɛ bamanakan mɛ kosɛbɛ.
3 = fluent
{{user language|bm|2}}
bm-2 Nin mɔgɔ bɛ bamanakan mɛ.
4 = intermediate
{{user language|bm|1}}
bm-1 Nin mɔgɔ bɛ bamanakan mɛ dɔɔnin-dɔɔnin.
5 = basic
{{user language|bm|0}}
bm-0 Nin mɔgɔ tɛ bamanakan mɛ.
(not included)

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