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INTRODUCTION :Concept, history and scope of zoology, subdivisions of zoology, application and importance of zoology, relation of animals to human.

Origin of life :Spontaneous generation, special creation, cosmic, naturalistic and recent theories.

Foundation of Animal Life : Origin of life – major stages in the early evolution of life (e.g. Stage I – Molecular, Stage II – Polymeric, Stage III – Semi-biotic and Stage IV – Cellular); level of organization (protoplasmic, cellular, tissue, organ, organ system, organism, species, individual, population, community, fauna, biota, ecosystem, biosphere and biodiversity).

Cells and tissues : Cells and tissues – types, structure and function.

Bases of animal classification : Body forms (sexual, developmental and polymorphic), symmetry, polarity of the body, metamorphism, stigmatization, appendages (flagella, cilia, antenna, styles, pods , fins, wings and limbs); embryology (radial, spiral, determinate and indeterminate cleavages; germinal layers and coelom types); protostomia and deuterostomia; morphometrics and meristics.

Classification of Animals : Number of kingdoms; classification up to phyla on the basis of organization, symmetry, coelom and phylogeny; different taxa and Linnaean hierarchy and nomenclature.

Methods of Studying Animals : Collection, sampling, transportation, preservation, identification and tagging.

Instrumentation in Zoological Studies Microscopy, configuration, incubation, balance, collecting devices and kits, microtomes, habitat analysis kits, haemocytometer, sphygmomanometer, photography, camera lucida and micrometer.

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