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Sample Record

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LDR	     nrm a22      a 4500
001	012624689-0
005	20101203192638.0
008	101130q1765    xx |||| ||||||||||a|eng d
0350	|a ocn689542673
040	|a MH-H |c MH-H |e gihc
1102	|a Parker and Wakelin (Firm)
{{MARCTag|245|1|0|$a Teapot $h [realia]}}
24510	|a Teapot |h [realia]
260	|a London, |c [ca. 1765].
300	|a 1 object : |b silver and wood ; |c 11 (base diameter) x 9.5 (height) cm. [body]; |c 20 (length) x 11 (base width) x 12 (height) [overall with spout, handle and lid handle]; |c 31 x 31 x 18 (height) [stand with teapot]
520	|a Silver teapot, formerly owned by British writer, Dr. Samuel Johnson. Made by firm of Parker and Wakelin (John Parker and Edward Wakelin), one of the foremost silversmith firms in London during the 18th-century.
500	|a Teapot has wooden handle; lid has handle made partially in wood.
500	|a Inscription on side of teapot: [first paragraph] We are told by Lucien that the earthen Lamp, which had administered to the Lucubrations of Epictetus, was at his Death, purchased for the enormous sum of 3000 Drachmas: why then? may not Imagination equally emplify the Value of this unadorned Vessel, long employed for the Infusion of that favorite Herb, whose enlivening Virtues are said to have so often protracted the elegant & edifying Lucubrations of SAMUEL JOHNSON; the zealous Advocate of that innocent Beverage, against its declared enemy Jonas Hanway.
500	|a [second paragraph] It was weighed out for sale, under the Inspection of Sr. Jno. Hawkins, at the very Minute when they were in the next Room closing the Incision, through which Mr. Cruikshank had explored the ruinated Machinery of its dead Master's Thorax–so Bray (the Silversmith conveyed there in Sr. Johns Carriage thus hastily! to buy the Plate) informed its prsent Possessor HENRY CONSTANTINE NOWELL: by whom it was, for its celebrated Services, on the 1st. of Novr. 1788 rescued from the undiscriminating Obliterations of the Furnace.
500	|a 3 maker's marks on bottom of teapot: J P E W.
500	|a Includes wood and cloth stand with silver plaque.
500	|a Stand's plaque with inscription tracing provenance: Samuel Johnson's Teapot bought by BRAY the Silversmith on Johnson's death, & sold to HENRY CONSTANTINE NOWELL, on the 1st of November 1788, eventually passing in to the possession of C. J. E. SPARKE, ESQ., of St. Andrews Castle, Bury St. Edmunds, from whom it was acquired July 1927 [by A. Edward Newton of Philadelphia].
524	|a *2003JM-63. Houghton Library, Harvard University.
60010	|a Johnson, Samuel, |d 1709-1784.
61020	|a Parker and Wakelin (Firm)
650 0	|a Silverwork |z England |y 18th century.
655 7	|a Realia. |2 aat
655 7	|a Teapots. |2 aat
656 7	|a Silversmiths. |2 aat
7102	|a Donald & Mary Hyde Collection of Dr. Samuel Johnson (Houghton Library) |5 hou
7001	|a Jennings, Henry Constantine, |d 1731-1819, |e former owner.
7001	|a Johnson, Samuel, |d 1709-1784, |e former owner.
7001	|a Newton, A. Edward |q (Alfred Edward), |d 1864-1940, |e former owner.
7001	|a Sparke, C. J. E., |e former owner.