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  • Cataloging Ethics Finalizing the last draft in January 2021, the Cataloging Ethics Steering Committee released a statement of ethical principles for catalogers. The site provides the principles as well as the list of committee members and updates.
  • Cataloging Lab For catalogers who want to experiment with and propose new subject headings of classification systems, Cataloging Lab provides the space for collaboration and discussion among fellow librarians.
  • AUTOCAT is the ultimate cataloging listserv. It's very active; if you have a question about cataloging, it's almost certainly either answered in the list's archives, or answerable by one of the experienced catalogers on the list.

Library of Congress

Dewey Decimal

  • OCLC's Dewey Cutter Program, for both Cutter and Cutter-Sanborn four-figure tables. The download is free, but is only available for Windows computers. It can be run on Linux with the Wine Windows Emulator.
  • WebDewey With an account, catalogers can look up every Dewey Decimal number and table.


  • OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards includes a number of standards, most importantly about the usage of each MARC field. Never heard of a 258 field? Want to know what 1st indicator 3 in a 100 field means? Want to see an example 300? Look no further
  • Ending Punctuation for Variable Fields You're at the end of a 246, and you're not sure whether to end with a period, a dash, and exclamation point... This handy reference won't necessarily explain the reasons behind a particular punctuation, but will tell you which to use.

Special Materials

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