Castles of England/West Sussex

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There are five castles in West Sussex with significant above-ground remains.

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Notes (Key)
Amberley Castle Castle 13771377–82 Partly habitable Hotel Incorporates earlier manor house dating to 12th century, occupied portions remodelled 16th century and later, working portcullis.
Arundel Castle Keep and bailey 110112–13th century Heavily restored HH
Duke of Norfolk
Remodelled 1791–1815 and 1890–1903.
Bramber Castle Keep and bailey 100111–12th century Fragmentary remains EH Commanding position, earthworks and fragment of wall remain.
Halnaker House Fortified manor house 120113–14th century Ruins Private Altered 18th century, fell into ruin 1880s, replaced by later house of same name.
Knepp Castle Motte and bailey 110112–13th century Fragmentary remains Private Remains of 13th century keep standing on motte. The modern Knepp Castle is a 19th-century castellated mansion designed by John Nash.