Castles of England/Suffolk

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There are seven castles in Suffolk.

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Notes (Key)
Bungay Castle Keep and bailey 110112–13th century Fragmentary remains Bungay - Castle Remains.jpg HCCL icon.svg / Bungay Castle Trust Abandoned c.1365.
Clare Castle Motte and bailey 100111th century Fragmentary remains Remains of Clare castle keep - - 980544.jpg HCCL icon.svg Motte 53 ft high.
Eye Castle Motte and bailey 100111th century Fragmentary remains Eye Castle - - 712956.jpg HCCL icon.svg Motte over 40 ft high.
Framlingham Castle Enclosure castle 110112th century Ruins Franglingham Castle 01.jpg EHEH icon.svg Curtain wall with 13 open-backed towers and projecting gatehouse, poor house 17–19th centuries.
Mettingham Castle Fortified manor house 1342c.1342 Fragmentary remains Entrance to Mettingham Castle - - 984718.jpg Private Gatehouse survives.
Orford Castle Keep 11651165–73 Intact 2008-05-17 GreatBritain OrfordCastle.jpg EHEH icon.svg Unique polygonal keep survives.
Wingfield Castle Castle 1385c.1385 Fragment Wingfield Castle - - 354164.jpg Private residence South curtain wall, gatehouse and east drawbridge survive, with 16–17th century house.