Castles of England/Northumberland

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Alnham Vicars Pele Pele tower 130114th century Restored The Vicars Pele, Alnham - - 1202709 cropped.jpg Private
Alnwick Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Restored Alnwick Castle 02.jpg HHHH icon.svg
Duke of Northumberland
Remodelled by Robert Adam and Anthony Salvin.
Aydon Castle Fortified manor house 130114th century Intact Aydon Castle 2.jpg EHEH icon.svg Converted to farmhouse 17th century.
Bamburgh Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Restored Bamburgh 2006 closeup.jpg HHHH icon.svg
Lord Armstrong
Ruinous by 1704, extensively restored 1894–1904.
Barmoor Castle Tower house 130114–19th century Rebuilt Barmoor Castle - - 779515.jpg Private 1919th century mansion incorporating remains of 14th century building.
Beaufront Castle Neo-romantic castle 18361836–1841 Intact Beaufront Castle - - 1463944.jpg Private residence 1919th century mansion on site of 15th century tower house.
Bellister Castle Castle 120113–14th century Fragmentary remains Bellister Castle.jpg Private Ruins adjoining 17th century house.
Belsay Castle Tower house 14391439–60 Intact South frontage of Belsay Castle - - 1383674.jpg EHEH icon.svg Later ruined building attached.
Berwick Castle Castle 110112–13th century Fragmentary remains Berwick Castle - - 768511.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Bitchfield Castle Pele tower 130114th century Restored Private Incorporated in later mansion.
Blenkinsop Castle Tower house 130114th century Ruins Blenkinsopp - - 445936.jpg Private Incorporated in 19th century house.
Bothal Castle Castle 130114th century Rebuilt Bothal Castle.jpg Private Extensively restored 19th century.
Bywell Castle Castle 140115th century Fragments Bywell Castle.jpg Private Gatehouse survives.
Callaly Castle Pele tower 130114–15th century Intact Sheep Pasture in the Grounds of Callaly Castle - - 149295 (cropped).jpg Private apartments Incorporated in later country house.
Cartington Castle Pele tower and extensions 130114–15th century Fragmentary remains Private
Chillingham Castle Quadrangular castle 13441344 Intact Chillingham Castle 011.jpg HHHH icon.svg Altered 17–19th centuries, restored after 1982.
Chipchase Castle Tower house 130114th century Intact Chipchase Castle - - 1255527.jpg HHHH icon.svg Incorporated in Jacobean house, altered 18–19th centuries.
Cocklaw Tower Tower house 130114–15th century Shell Cocklaw Tower - - 1176584.jpg Private, farm Near Wall.
Cocklepark Tower Tower house 1517c.1517 Substantially intact Cockle Park - - 93673.jpg Newcastle University
Corbridge Vicar's Pele Pele tower 13181318 Intact Corbridge Vicar's Pele 105.jpg HALUKAL icon.svg Re-roofed 1910.
Coupland Castle Tower house 150116–17th century Restored Coupland Castle.jpg Private residence Later additions.
Craster Tower Pele tower 130114–15th century Intact Holiday accommodation Incorporated in later building.
Crawley Tower Pele tower 130114th century Ruins Crawley Tower - - 330608.jpg Private A cottage was built within the walls in the 18th century.
Cresswell Castle Pele tower 140115th century Ruin Cresswell Tower - - 1163700.jpg 170118th century parapet.
Dilston Castle Tower house 140115th century Ruins Dilston Castle.jpg HCCL icon.svg Altered 16–17th century, later buildings demolished.
Dunstanburgh Castle Keep and bailey 130114th century Fragmentary ruins Gatehouse and curtain wall of Dunstanburgh Castle, 2009.jpg EHEH icon.svg Spectacular coastal setting.
Edlingham Castle Keep and bailey 130114th century Fragmentary ruins Edlingham Castle - Northumberland - England - 2004-10-31.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Elsdon Castle Motte and bailey 100111th century Earthworks Motte and Bailey Castle at Elsdon - - 1521227.jpg Private Well-preserved earthworks.
Elsdon Tower Pele tower 150116th century Intact Elsdon Tower - - 374282 cropped.jpg Private Altered, rectory until 1960, restored 1990s.
Embleton Tower Pele tower 130114th century Intact Embleton Tower (cropped).jpg Private 1919th century vicarage attached.
Etal Castle Castle 130114th century Fragmentary ruins Etal Castle - - 1254407.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Featherstone Castle Castle 130114th century Intact Featherstone Castle.jpg Private 130114th century tower, three further towers added 18–19th century.
Ford Castle Quadrangular castle 130114th century Substantially intact Ford Castle - - 354895.jpg Private Converted into mansion 17th century.
Haggerston Castle Neo-romantic castle 1893c.1893 Fragment Haggerston Castle, April 2011.jpg Caravan site Surviving tower of c.1893, on site of 14th century castle, in what is now a caravan park.
Halton Castle Tower house 120113–14th century Intact Halton Castle, Northumberland 124.jpg Private residence Attached to later house.
Harbottle Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Fragmentary ruins Harbottle castle - - 583589.jpg HALUKAL icon.svg
Northumberland National Park
Captured by Robert Bruce in 1318.
Haughton Castle Tower house 120113–14th centuries Restored Haughton Castle - - 1272590.jpg Private Altered 18–19th centuries.
Hexham Moot Hall and Old Gaol Fortified towers 130114–15th century Intact The Moot Hall and the Old Gaol - - 530386.jpg HMMuseum icon (red).svg Probably once connected by bailey wall, AD1415 list of castles has 'Turris de Hexham'.
Horsley Tower Pele tower 150116th century Intact Horsley Tower - - 626935.jpg Private residence
Langley Castle Tower house 1350c.1350 Restored Langley Castle.jpg Hotel Restored 1890s.
Lemmington Hall Tower house 140115th century Restored Lemmington Hall - rear.jpg Wedding venue Incorporated in later house.
Lindisfarne Castle Artillery fort 150116th century Restored LindisfarneCastleHolyIsland.jpg ENTNTE icon.svg Remodelled by Edwin Lutyens 1901.
Mitford Castle Keep and bailey 100111–13th century Fragmentary ruins Mitford Castle.jpg HCCL icon.svg
Morpeth Castle Castle 13421342–9 Fragments Morpeth Castle Gatehouse.jpg Landmark Trust Only gatehouse and a section of wall remain.
Norham Castle Keep and bailey 110112th century Ruins Norham Castle.jpg EHEH icon.svg Keep remodelled 1422–5, partly rebuilt 1513–15.
Preston Tower Pele tower 1401c.1400 Fragment Preston Tower - - 1192634.jpg HCCL icon.svg South wall remains, with two of the original four turrets.
Prior Castell's Tower Tower house 140115–16th century Substantially intact Pele Tower, Inner Farne Island - - 2010838.jpg ENTNTE icon.svg
Prudhoe Castle Castle 110112–14th century Ruins Prudhoe Castle 2.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Shilbottle Tower Pele tower 140115th century Restored File-St James' Church graveyard, Shilbottle, Northumberland - Geograph-2156100 cropped.jpg Private Incorporated into a vicarage.
Shortflatt Tower Pele tower 130114–15th century Restored Gateway and private road to Shortflatt Tower - - 684189.jpg Wedding venue Incorporated in later house.
Thirlwall Castle Tower house 130114th century Fragmentary ruins Thirlwall Castle - - 127117.jpg HALUKAL icon.svg
Northumberland National Park
Built with stone from Hadrian's Wall.
Twizell Castle Tower house 140115–18th century Fragmentary ruins Twizel Castle - - 1202957.jpg HALUKAL icon.svg Medieval ruins incorporated in 18th century folly.
Warkworth Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Ruins Warkworth Castle interior, 2007.jpg EHEH icon.svg Although looked after by English Heritage, partly owned by the Duke of Northumberland.
Whittingham Tower Pele tower 120113–14th century Restored Whittingham Tower - - 1332545.jpg Private Converted for use as almshouses in 1845.
Whitton Tower Pele tower 1386c.1386 Intact Holiday accommodation Near Rothbury, well-preserved.
Willimoteswick Castle Fortified manor house 150116th century Ruins Willimoteswick Bastle, Haltwhistle - - 124371.jpg Private, farm Incorporates remains of earlier building, largely rebuilt 1900.

Twizell Castle

Twizell Castle stands on a bend of the River Till at Tillmouth Park, Northumberland. Below it, the medieval Twizell bridge spans the river. The gardens of the castle contain the earthwork remains of the once lost medieval village of Twizell, whilst the massive ruin presents the remains of an 18th century castle which was never completed.

A medieval tower house which once stood on the site was, in 1415, held by Sir John Heron. This was destroyed by the Scots in 1496, and the estate was sold by the Herons circa 1520 to a member of the Selby family. A survey in 1561 reported only the remnants of a tower house and a barmkin. Of the medieval structure, blocked windows, a chamfered doorway and the original north-east angle quoins are all that remains visible now.

In 1685 Sir Francis Blake purchased the estate from the widow Selby for £1,944, plus an annuity of £100, and the Blake family lived on the estate until 1738 when they moved to nearby Tillmouth Hall. From about 1770, he worked on the recreation of the castle as a Gothic Revival mansion, designed by architect James Nesbit of Kelso to be five levels tall. Despite some forty years of work, the project was never completed. When in 1882, the Blake's built a new mansion at Tillmouth Park much of the incomplete Twizell Castle was demolished and the stone used in the new construction. The house is now a two-story folly. Rectangular in plan, with circular towers on the angles and two wings on the north side, the basement rooms in the main block are stone and brick-vaulted as a precaution against fire.