Castles of England/Norfolk

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Baconsthorpe Castle Fortified manor house 140115th century Fragmentary ruins Baconsthorpe Castle.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Burgh Castle Motte and bailey 110112th century No visible remains The Roman fort of Gariannonum - view northwest - - 693481.jpg EHEH icon.svg / Norfolk Archaeological Trust Site of medieval motte and bailey castle within surviving walls of the Roman fort of Saxon Shore.
Caister Castle Quadrangular castle 14321432–46 Fragmentary ruins Caister Castle - - 808658.jpg HCCL icon.svg Moated, built largely of brick by Sir John Fastolf, a relatively intact 90 ft tower remains.
Castle Acre Castle Motte and bailey 100111–12th century Fragmentary remains Castle Acre - - 578483.jpg EHEH icon.svg Extensive earthworks.
Castle Rising Keep 1138c.1138 Ruins Castle-rising-castle.JPG EHEH icon.svg
Claxton Castle Castle 130114–15th century Fragmentary ruins Claxton Castle.jpg Private
Norwich Castle Keep 1095c.1095–1110 Intact Norwich Castle - - 208494.jpg HMMuseum icon (red).png Prison during 18–19th centuries.
Oxburgh Hall Fortified manor house 1482c.1482 Intact Oxburgh Hall 20080719-05.jpg HHHH icon.png 170118th and 19th century additions.
Thetford Castle Motte and bailey 100111th century Earthworks 2004 thetford 05.JPG HCCL icon.svg
Local authority
One of the highest mottes in England, about 80 ft high.