Castles of England/Kent

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Allington Castle Fortified house 120113–14th century Restored AllingtonFeb.JPG Wedding venue Restored 1905–1929.
Canterbury Castle Tower keep 110112th century Ruins Canterbury Castle.jpg HCCL icon.svg
Local Authority
Demolished 1792.
Chiddingstone Castle Neo-romantic castle 1919th century Intact Chiddingstone Castle - - 1260148.jpg HHHH icon.svg 160117th century building converted to castle in 19th century.
Chilham Castle Keep and bailey 100111–14th century Fragment Chilham Castle from Soleshill Road - - 403663 cropped.jpg NGS Keep survives with Jacobean house.
Cooling Castle Keep and bailey 13801380s Part ruined Cooling Castle Gateway - - 1067812.jpg Wedding venue Well-preserved gatehouse survives, barns used for events.
Deal Castle Artillery fort 150116th century Intact Deal Castle.jpg EHEH icon.svg Formerly residence of Captain of the Cinque Ports.
Dover Castle Concentric castle 110112–13th century Intact Keep and entrance of Dover Castle, 2007.jpg EHEH icon.svg Adapted for modern warfare 18–19th centuries.
Eynsford Castle Castle 110112th century Fragmentary ruins Eynsford Castle, Kent - - 40563.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Folkestone Castle Ringwork 100111th century Earthworks HALUKAL icon.svg Commanding hill-top location.
Hever Castle Fortified manor house 130114th century Restored Hever Castle 10.JPG HHHH icon.svg Restored early 19th century, working portcullis.
Kingsgate Castle Neo-romantic castle 170118–19th century Intact Kingsgate Castle and Kingsgate Bay - - 1474011.jpg Private apartments Built c.1760, rebuilt late 19th century.
Leeds Castle Castle 110112–15th century Restored Castle Leeds1 cz.jpg HHHH icon.svg Extensively rebuilt in 1822 and 1926.
Leybourne Castle Castle 120113th century Fragmentary ruins Leybourne Castle.jpg Private 150116th century house partly incorporating ruins, rebuilt 1931.
Lullingstone Castle Semi-fortified house 15431543–80 Fragment Lullingstone Castle Gatehouse - - 609440.jpg HHHH icon.svg 150116th century gatehouse incorporated into later house.
Lympne Castle Fortified house 120113–14th century Restored Lympne Castle - - 57817.jpg Wedding venue Restored and extended 1907–12.
Penshurst Place Fortified manor house 130114–15th century Fragment Penshurst Place - - 841026.jpg HHHH icon.svg Remodelled 19th century, single tower and stretch of wall survive from fortifications of c.1400.
Queenborough Castle Concentric castle 13611361–77 Archaeological remains Site of Queenborough Castle - - 719446.jpg HALUKAL icon.svg Unique circular plan, royal castle.
Rochester Castle Tower keep 11271127 Ruins Rochester castle.jpg EHEH icon.svg Keep 125 ft high to top of turrets.
St Leonard's Tower Tower keep 10801080 Ruins St leonards tower.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Saltwood Castle Castle 110112–14th century Part restored Walls of Saltwood Castle and Moat.jpg Private residence
Sandgate Castle Artillery fort 15391539–40 Substantially intact Sandgate Castle - - 1412667.jpg Private residence Altered 1805–6.
Scotney Castle Fortified manor house 13781378–80 Fragment Scotney Castle.jpg ENTNTE icon.svg Single surviving tower incorporated in later house.
Sissinghurst Castle Fortified manor house 140115th century Rebuilt Sissinghurst Castle 09.JPG ENTNTE icon.svg No fortifications remaining.
Starkey Castle Manor house 130114th century Fragment Starkey Castle from Footpath - - 1062154.jpg Private Fine medieval hall-house remains from possibly fortified manor house.
Stone Castle Tower 110112th century Intact Stone Castle - - 893976.jpg Wedding venue Medieval tower incorporated in building of 1825.
Sutton Valence Castle Keep and bailey 110112th century Fragmentary remains Sutton Valence Castle - - 1015834.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Thurnham Castle Castle 110112th century Fragmentary remains Thurnham Castle 01.jpg HCCL icon.svg
Local authority
On steep spur of North Downs.
Tonbridge Castle Keep and bailey 100111–13th century Fragment TonbridgeCastle0018.JPG HCCL icon.svg
Local authority
Gatehouse survives.
Upnor Castle Artillery fort 15591559–67, 1599–1601 Substantially intact Upnor Castle 01.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Walmer Castle Artillery fort 15391539 Intact Walmer Castle - - 1407476.jpg EHEH icon.svg Residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports from 18th century.
Westenhanger Castle Fortified manor house 1343c.1343 Fragment Westenhanger Castle - - 889584.jpg Wedding venue 170118th century farmouse built within ruins.