Castles of England/Herefordshire

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Brampton Bryan Castle Castle 120113–14th century Ruins Private Gatehouse survives.
Clifford Castle Motte and bailey 100111–13th century Fragments Clifford Castle ruins.jpg Private Building At Risk.
Colwall Castle Motte and bailey 100111th century Earthworks Herefordshire Beacon from Millennium Hill - - 210483.jpg HALUKAL icon.svg Situated within Iron Age hill fort on the summit of Herefordshire Beacon at a height of 1100 ft, possibly pre-Conquest.
Croft Castle Quadrangular castle 130114th century Rebuilt Croft Castle 2.jpg ENTNTE icon.svg Converted to 16/17th century house.
Downton Castle Neo-romantic castle 1774c.1774–8 Intact Downton Castle - - 1306113.jpg Private Altered and extended 1860–70.
Eastnor Castle Neo-romantic castle 18111811–20 Intact Eastnor Castle 03.jpg HHHH icon.png By Robert Smirke.
Ewyas Harold Castle Motte and bailey 100111th century Earthworks Ewyas Harold Castle (Geograph 2291636 by Philip Halling).jpg HALUKAL icon.svg Probably pre-Conquest, built c.1048, recorded in Domesday Book as rebuilt by William FitzOsbern.
Goodrich Castle Concentric castle 110112–13th century Ruins Goodrich Castle 01.jpg EHEH icon.svg Partly demolished during Civil War.
Hampton Court Fortified manor house 14271427 Intact HamptonCourtHerefordshire cropped.jpg HHHH icon.png Remodelled in 1830–40s.
Kentchurch Court Fortified manor house 130114th century Fragment HHHH icon.png Part of tower and a gateway survive of medieval structure, remainder largely rebuilt by Nash between 1795 and 1807.
Kinnersley Castle Castle 1301Medieval Rebuilt Kinnersley Castle.jpg HHHH icon.png 150116–17th century house on site of medieval castle, of which no visible traces remain.
Longtown Castle Keep and bailey 110112–13th century Fragmentary ruins Longtown Castle - - 392612.jpg EHEH icon.svg Circular keep.
Pembridge Castle Keep and bailey 110112–13th century Partly habitable Pembridge Castle.jpg Private Reconstructed 20th century.
Snodhill Castle Keep and bailey 100111–14th century Fragmentary ruins Snodhill Castle (geograph 2203637, cropped).jpg HALUKAL icon.svg
Stapleton Castle Motte and bailey 110112th century Earthworks Stapleton Castle, Herefordshire - - 410981.jpg HALUKAL icon.svg Ruins of 17th century house on site of medieval castle.
Treago Castle Fortified manor house 140115–16th century Restored Treago-Castle-375001 13a17522-by-Tony-Bailey.jpg Private Altered 17–19th centuries.
Wigmore Castle Keep and bailey 100111–14th century Fragmentary ruins Entrance to Wigmore Castle - - 1248482.jpg EHEH icon.svg Partly dismantled 1643.
Wilton Castle Castle 120113th century Fragmentary ruins Winter view of Wilton Castle - - 1169638.jpg HCCL icon.svg Remains incorporated in 19th century house.