Castles of England/Hampshire

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There are a number of notable castles in Hampshire.

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Calshot Castle Artillery fort 150116th century Substantially intact 050103 2353 calshot.jpg EHEH icon.svg Altered 18–20th centuries, in use until 1961.
Hurst Castle Artillery fort 150116th century Substantially intact Hurst Castle west bastion 2.jpg EHEH icon.svg Repaired and refortified 19th century.
Netley Castle Artillery fort 150116–19th century Rebuilt Netley Castle, 2008, 1.jpg Convalescent home Remodelled and extended 1885–90.
Odiham Castle Shell keep and bailey 1201Early 13th century Fragmentary ruins HCCL icon.svg
Local authority
Built by King John.
Portchester Castle Keep and bailey 100111–12th century Extensive ruins Portchester castle 04.jpg EHEH icon.svg Built within surviving walls of Roman fort of the Saxon Shore.
Southampton Castle Keep and bailey 100111–14th century Fragments Southampton Castle Wall alongside Castle Lane.jpg HALUKAL icon.svg North bailey wall survives.
Southsea Castle Artillery fort 150116th century Rebuilt Southsea castle from the east.JPG HCCL icon.svg
Local authority
Altered several times.
Warblington Castle Fortified manor house 150116th century Fragmentary ruins Warblington castle tower from churchyard cropped.jpg Private Remains of possibly fortified building besieged during the Civil War and subsequently destroyed, on site of earlier fortified manor house.
Winchester Castle Motte and bailey 100111–13th century Fragment Winchester Grand Hall.JPG HCCL icon.svg
Local authority
Great hall survives, reroofed in 1873.
Wolvesey Castle Castle 110112th century Ruins Wolvesey Castle - Wymond's Tower - - 1316547.jpg EHEH icon.svg