Castles of England/Gloucestershire

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There are six castles of note in Gloucestershire.

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Notes (Key)
Berkeley Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Intact Berkeley Castle 03.jpg HHHH icon.png Largely unaltered until 1920s, when interior modernised by 8th Earl of Berkeley.
Beverstone Castle Pentagonal castle 120113–15th century Ruins Beverston Castle - - 148310.jpg NGS 160117th century house built within ruins.
Ruardean Castle Fortified manor house 120113th century Fragment Ruardean castle 2.jpg
St Briavel's Castle Keep and bailey 120113th century Habitable St Briavels Castle - - 520136.jpg EHEH icon.svg Youth hostel.
Sudeley Castle Quadrangular castle 140115th century Restored Sudeley Castle view from garden Oct07.jpg HHHH icon.png Restored as country house 19th century.
Thornbury Castle Fortified house 1511c.1511 Substantially intact Hotel Restored 19th century.