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Bartok, also known as Warthog or Bartog is a member of the Crazy Eight Family. It's a fast paced and simple game, that can easily become much more complex as the game goes on. The only limit is your imagination.

There is typically no scoring system and the goal is simply to empty your hand.

Players 2+

How to play[edit | edit source]

The dealer deals 7 cards to each player and turns the last card face up. This is the waste pile.

The player to the dealers left then takes their turn. They can play any card of the same number or suit on to the waste pile.

Play continues clockwise until someone goes out.

If a player cannot play, they must draw a card and end their turn.

Should the deck run out, simply take the top card off of the waste pile, place it face up to make a new waste pile, then turn the remaining waste pile face down to create the new deck.

When down to one card, the player must call out "Bartok", failure to do so, if noticed will require a card be picked up. This punishment applies to all broken rules if noticed before the next player plays.

The winner is now the dealer and a new round begins. The winner must now make up a new rule to continue playing. As an example; Aces now allow you to change suit. Another example would be; If a Black Jack is played the next player has to recite a limerick.

The rules added can be as strange and bizarre as you want, sky's the limit.