Canne de Combat/Equipments

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Equipments in Canne the Combat[edit | edit source]

In Canne people use the weapons for attack with, and protective equipments for protections.

The weapons[edit | edit source]

  • The canne (stick) is a chestnut stick that comes in two versions. First (marked with a green line) is heavier and used for training of basic techniques. Canne used in competitions and advanced training is lighter (marked with a black line). Lighter stick are faster and safer to use (you can't seriously injure your opponent because the stick breaks first). The length of a canne is 95 cm, weigth is cca 120g for green and cca 100g for the black canne.
  • The baton (staff) is a two handed stick of cca 140 cm and 400g.

Sometimes is hard to get the chestnut sticks. It is a good idea to use some other wood (like bamboo or reed). Reed is very good, has the same weight as a black line stick, but need some additional protection, because it can easily crack. Use sellotape to make it stronger. For a better grip add some tennis grip at the end of the stick.

The equipments[edit | edit source]

After you get your sticks, you need some additional equipments for training. For a beginner there is no need to buy all the stuffs described below, but only a pair of shinguards. Later, you can buy a fencing helmet, and after around one year, you should buy (or create) your suit.

  • Shinguard: shinguard is used to defend our shin, that is a basic target in Canne de Combat.
  • Fencing helmet: the helmet is used for head protection. It is a normal fencing helmet (350N) with additional padding, that defends the stick, and decreases the impact of a hit.
  • Suit: the suit has three parts: the jacket, the gloves, and the trousers. It is made from a strong material that contains filling for better protection.