Canne de Combat/Attacks

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There are six standardized attacks in Canne de Combat. They are:

  • Brisé
  • Croisé téte
  • Latéral croisé
  • Latéral extérieur
  • Enlevé
  • Croisé bas


Croisé téte[edit]

Latéral croisé[edit]

Latéral extérieur[edit]


Croisé bas[edit]

Requirements for attacks[edit]

There are some requirements for every attack to be valid. An attack is valid, if it is done with a valid technique (means one of the standardized attacks), and accomplishes the following requirements:

  • Every strike must be armed
  • The hit is clear
  • The hit reached a valid target zone
  • The hit is done with the upper 1/4 part of the stick
  • The stick is in one line with the hand
  • There was no sabring movement