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Ranges of sentences for the offence of Robbery.

Store Robberies[edit | edit source]

Case Citation Prv Crt Sentence Summary
R. v. Fleming 2013 CanLII 75 (NL PC) NL PC 90 days Offender gave note to pharmacist demanding oxycontin, claimed he had a gun.
R. v. Pruden-Collins 2012 BCPC 441 (CanLII) BC PC 5 years robbed Subway restaurant with firearm
R. v. Oates 2012 ONCJ 461 ON PC 4 years 9 months one store robbery, one bank robbery--prior record of 6 robberies
R. v. Soosay 2012 ABPC 220 AB PC CSO two robberies and a B&E--offender was developmentally delayed
R v Macri 2012 SKPC 94 SK PC 1 year offender was driver for two armed robberies of stores
R v Brown 2012 ONCJ 262 ON PC 20 months robbed a pharmacy while masked, co-accused had a knife
R. v. Pearson 2012 ABQB 240 AB SC two years less a day CSO offender displayed knife to clerk asking for money, clerk says "really?", then offender says "no, not really", and then leaves--good PSR--guilty plea
R. v. Massaquoi 2012 BCPC 113 BC PC 75 months youth sentenced as adult--break into jewellery store with firearm
R. v. Kewell 2012 ONCJ 228 ON PC 4 years prior record of 6 robberies
R. v. Hansen 2012 BCCA 142 BC CA 48 months two store robberies, defence appeal dismissed
R. v. Grujic 2012 ONCA 146 ON CA 48 months two store robberies
R. v. Link 2012 MBPC 25 MB PC 8 months CSO
R. v. Hutchings 2012 NLCA 2 NL CA 5.5 years two counts of armed robbery--overview of procedure to decide on totality
R. v. Kotelko and Lindell 2011 MBPC 76 MB PC 4 months stealing from store while armed with knife
R. v. Rogers 2011 BCCA 156 BC CA 5.5 years
R. v. Sampson 2010 SKC 28 SK PC 15 mo assisted principle in robbery with shotgun.
R. v. Lebar 2010 ONCA 220 ON CA robbed store with a knife, fled with cash; refused CSO
R. v. Maroti 2010 MBCA 54 MB CA 3 years series of 7 robberies of gas stations
R. v. Flowers 2010 ONCA 129 ON CA 10 years 8 counts of robbery with a firearm
R. v. Furness 2007 BCCA 492 BC CA 5 years 7 robberies of fast-food establishments
R. v. Howse 2006 ABCA 163 AB CA 8 years 4 counts of armed robbery offender aged 31, recovering addict, 54 prior offences; court stated “the three year starting point for convenience store robberies.”
R. v. Lee 2004 ABCA 70 AB CA 2 years convenience store armed robbery--prior record of 40 convictions, most in youth court--high risk to reoffend--premeditation and use of disguise--overturned 6 months
R. v. Kaiswatum 2003 SKCA 19 SK CA 18 months rob store with butcher knife; prior record
R. v. Figley 2003 SKCA 24 SK CA 13 months rob store with knife
R. v. Bratzer [2001] NSJ 461 (C.A.) NS CA 2 year less CSO 3 armed store robberies; unique circumstances
R. v. Allison-McLeish 2001 CanLII 24040 (ONCA) ON CA 3.5 years robbed convenience store with sawed-off shotgun; hit victim in head several times
R. v. Barrett and Campbell [2000] NSJ 178 (C.A.) NS CA 10 years store robbery; clerk shot
R.v. Longaphy [2000] NSJ 376 (C.A.) NS CA 5 years store robbery; knife; on parole for robbery at time
R. v. Pratt 2000 SKCA 38 SK CA 6 years two robberies with gun; addiction motivated
R. v. Wust 2000 SCC 18, [2000] 1 S.C.R. 455 CAN SCC 3.5 years robbed gas station with loaded firearm; masked; struck victim several times
R. v. Arrance [2000] 1 S.C.R. 488, 2000 SCC 20 CAN SCC 3.5 years robbed gas station with loaded shotgun; pointed at victim's chest; long record
R. v. Izzard 1999 CanLII 18558 (NS C.A.) NS CA 2 years offender was lookout and driver; armed robbery of convenience store; co-accused tied clerk up
R. v. McDonald 1998 CanLII 13327 (ON C.A.) ON CA 3 years robbed fast food restaurant with BB gun
R. v. Wiberg 1997 SKCA 88 SK CA 1 year 19 year old; no record; rob store with knife
R. v. Scott [1996] NSJ 242 (C.A.) NS CA S/s accused was driver for abusive and controlling husband; unique circumstances
R. v. Emmerson (1993) 121 N.S.R. (2d) 252 (C.A.) NS CA 2 years age 21; consumed drugs and alcohol; robbed convenience store of $23; appealed S/S
R. v. Fleming [1993] NSJ 469 (C.A.) NS CA 12 years store robbery; masked; armed with tire iron and knife; stabbed in neck and face; injuries life threatening
R. v. Hynes [1993] NSJ 193 NS 7 years armed robbery with a mask; prior record
R. v. Bourgeois [1992] N.S.J. No. 486 NS 4 years armed robbery; not principal
R. v. Colley (1991) 100 N.S.R. (2d) 447 (C.A.) NS CA 15 years gas station robbery with tire iron; hit clerk causing skull fracture; did second robbery later in evening; long related record
R. v. Merlin (1991) 102 N.S.R. (2d) 266 (C.A.) NS CA 1 year robbed store with knife
R. v. Cormier 1990 CanLII 2534 (NS CA) NS CA 4 years appealed from 3.5 years; mask and knife robbery of KFC; clerks were handcuffed; stole company car; long related record;
R. v. Large [1984] O.J. No. 155 (ONCA) ON CA 90 days store robbery with knife

Street robbery[edit | edit source]

Case Citation Prv Crt Sentence Summary
R. v. Meechas 2012 MBPC 53 MB PC Suspended offender was aboriginal, just turned 18 years old
R. v. Gobin 2012 ONSC 3523 ON SC 3 years robbery of vehicle using a fake firearm
R v Ayad 2012 ONSC 883 ON SC Suspended high school student robbed another of iphone during lunch period
R v Secter 2012 ABPC 95 AB PC 90 days offender was driver in a robbery scheme where offenders would drive by and steal cell-phones from sellers
R v Lopez 2012 NBQB 29 NB SC 12 months attempted street robbery, violence involved
R v Ridgeway 2012 ABCA 29 AB CA 22 months street robbery with imitation gun;
R. v. Barrett 2012 ONSC 82 ON SC 6 years 2 car jackings and 1 store robbery
R. v. Kunzig 2011 MBPC 81 MB PC S/s offender jumped 15 year old, stole skateboard, threatened victim; youthful, no record, focus on rehabilitation
R. v. Nerling 2012 ABCA 114 AB CA 90 days mugging robbery -- appeal from S/S
R. v. Conlon 2011 ABCA 379 AB CA 90 days robbery; long time on strict bail conditions; no criminal record
R. v. Busby 2011 BCPC 331 BC PC 3 years planned robbery of person; stabbing
R v Gordon 2011 SKCA 130 SK CA 5 years beat up and stabbed victim
R. v. Osmond 2011 ONSC 4124 ON SC 2 years beat up friend over owed money; incl. aggravated assault (3 years)
R. v. Awasis 2010 BCCA 213 BC CA 2 years grabbed wallet on subway, used force to escape
R. v. Lapointe-Melo 2010 ONCJ 314 ON PC 30 days assist friends in robbing backpack of youth; offender held victim down;
R. v. Gouthro 2010
R. v. Meawasige 2008 ONCJ 122 ON PC 5 mo after 7 mo remand credit robbed victim with a cap gun in a park; aboriginal offender; history of substance abuse
R. v. Ramalho 2004 BCCA 617 BC CA 2 years less a day CSO shot gun robbery in parking lot--offender had FAS
R. v. Klapcic 2001 BCCA 487 BC CA 10 years pistol whip old man to get ATM code from him; 3 prior robberies
R. v. Kusi 1999 CanLII 2355 (ON C.A.) ON CA 5 years robbed taxi driver; long record
R. v. Brewer [1997] NSJ 161 (C.A.) NS CA 6 years 4 robberies of taxi driver to get money for crack; non-verbal threat
R. v. Bulat [1996] A.J. No. 647 AB 90 days mugging; minor injuries
R. v. Beals (1994) 130 N.S.R. (2d) 177 (C.A.) NS CA 6 years 3 cab drivers robbed; punched driver;
R. v. Brown [1994] M.J. No. 586 MB 90 days purse snatching; no record; employed
R v. Cocq [1991] OJ No. 1939 (C.A.) ON CA 90 days offender of good character
R. v. Pawluk  1990 ABCA 212 AB CA 4 months purse snatching
R. v. Swan  1983 ABCA 85 AB CA 12 months stole purse; resistance but no violence
R. v. Stanton  1983 ABCA 252 AB CA 53 days stole purse

Bank robbery[edit | edit source]

Case Citation Prv Crt Sentence Summary
R. v. Nilsson 2012 BCCA 498 (CanLII) BC CA 8 years Offender convicted of two counts robbery.
R v Rudolph 2012 SKQB 442 (CanLII) SK SC 10 years
R. v. Zakis 2012 BCCA 450 (CanLII) BC CA 6 years asked bank teller for $10,000.
R. v. Mohammed 2012 ONSC 3072 ON SC 18 months
R. v. Johnson 2012 ONCA 339 ON CA 20 years 9 counts of bank robbery--prior record of 26 bank robberies--appeal from 26 years
R. v. Hassan 2011 ONSC 5128 ON SC 28 months
R. v. Nembhard 2010 ONCA 420 ON CA 7 years 2 bank robberies
R. v. Evanson 2009 BCCA 425 BC CA 39 months
R. v. Smith 2007 BCPC 198 BC PC 3 years series of 3 bank robberies; threatening note; no weapons visible
R. v. Dionne 2004 BCCA 275 BC CA 3 years masked bank robbery; no threats;
R. v. Carlson 2002 CanLII 44928 (ONCA) ON CA 17.5 years career bank robber; armed with firearm; masked
R. v. Jenkins 2004 ABPC 48 AB PC 7 years
R. v. Corkum 1997 CanLII 1466 (NS SC) NS SC 8 years two counts of bank robbery--sentence divided between 3 and 5 years consecutive
R. v. Helpard [1995] NSJ 426 (C.A.) NS CA 5 years bank robbery--no record
R. v. Leet (1989), 88 N.S.R. (2d) 161 NS CA 5 years four counts robbery, of which three related to one bank--masked and armed with imitation handgun--offender age 37, married, educated, and with four children--divided between two years and three years consecutive
R. v. Brophy (1989) 89 N.S.R. (2d) 417 NS CA 5 years two counts robbery--one bank and one store all on same day--used imitation handgun--offender was 28-year-old --sentenced to 5 years and 3 years consecutive

Home Invasion[edit | edit source]

Case Citation Prv Crt Sentence Summary
R. v. Lewis [2012] N.J. No. 59 NL CA 8 years
R. v. Argueta 2011 ONCJ 578 ON PC 5.5 years
R. v. M.E.W. 2011 BCPC 267 BC PC 30 months
R. v. X.Y. 2007 ONCA 189 ON CA
R. v. Wright 2006 CanLII 40975 (ON C.A.) ON CA 8 years
R. v. Dear 2003 ABQB 239 AB SC 8 years young female victim; attacked in apartment over 15 min; long record
R. v. Whicher 2002 BCCA 336 BC CA 10 years elderly couple's home; history of drug addiction; demanded money at knifepoint
R. v. Harriott 2002 CanLII 23588 (ON C.A.) ON CA 8 years invaded home; threatened to kill home owners
R. v. Wang 2001 CanLII 20933, 2001 CanLII 9528 (ON C.A.) ON CA 5 years 3 home invasion robberies; acted as lookout and brandished a sword
R. v. Harris 2000 NSCA 7 NS CA 15 years vicious home invasion of elderly couple; brain injury and broken hip
R. v. Barrett and Campbell 2000 NSCA 76 NS CA 2 and 10 years
R. v. Harris [2000] NSJ 9 (C.A.) NS CA 15 years home invasion; extreme violence
R. v. Lewis 2000 CanLII 2623 (ON C.A.) ON CA 10 years robbed in home; face crushed; throat cut and stabbed several times; loss of eye and permanent disfigurement
R. v. Bernier 2003 BCCA 134 BC CA 6 years reduced from 14 years
R. v. Stephenson (1998) 169 NSR 159 (CA) NS CA 6 years home invasion of 86 year old; accused was driver who directed the principle
R. v. Fraser (1997) 158 N.S.R. (2d) 163 NS 6 years home invasion of 83 year old's home; masks; knife; cut phone wires; confined victim; no prior record; range said to be 6 to 10 for these types
R. v. Foster (1997), 161 NSR 371 (CA) NS CA 6 years overturned 28 months; home invasion of 62 year old; punches to head of victim until unconscious; stole wallet
R. v. Matwiy 1996 CanLII 6629 (AB C.A.) AB CA 10 years armed with knife and shotgun; thought victim was drug dealer; extensive criminal record
R. v. Hachez 1995 CanLII 1109 (ON C.A.) ON CA 10 years two home invasion robberies; lengthy criminal record
R. v. Matwiy 1994 CanLII 9150 (AB QB) AB SC 10 years armed home invasion; lengthy record; co-accused also got 11 years
R. v. Leger 1993 CanLII 3107, (1994), 125 N.S.R. (2d) 154 NS CA 5 years home invasion robbery
R. v. Benoit (1990) 95 N.S.R. (2d) 113 (C.A.) NS CA 4 years home invasion; masked; elderly woman hit in face
R. v. Bateman [1988] A.J. No. 287 AB 7 years
R. v. Kraft (1986), 68 A.R. 83 AB 6.5 years imitated cops to get in; robbed to collect debt
R. v. Johnson (1984) 61 NSR 357 (CA) NS CA 12 years

Uncategorised[edit | edit source]

Case Citation Prv Crt Sentence Summary
R. v. Singh 2012 ONSC 4429 ON SC 6.5 years robbery of a job site with loaded restricted firearm (5 year mandatory)--police brutality involved
R. v. Hawkins 2008 NBCA 40 NB CA 13 years guilty to 33 offences including several armed robberies--29 year old drug addict--lengthy record --reduced from 20 years
R. v. Williams 2001 NSCA 17 NS CA 3 years
R. v. Bruyere (1999), 144 Man. R. (2d) 142 (C.A.) MB CA 9 months CSO armed robbery
R. v. Clare 2000 CanLII 10755 (MB CA), (2000), 145 Man. R. (2d) 142 MB CA 12 months CSO two armed robberies’
R. v. Damery 1996 CanLII 5233 (NS CA) NS CA 5.5 years
R. v. Fraser (1995) 145 N.S.R. (2d) 76 (C.A.) 1995 CanLII 4270 NS CA 6 years 2 robberies; overturned JR for 4 years
R. v. Higgins (1984), 64 N.S.R. (2d) 272 NS CA 7 years record of two prior robberies--appeal dismissed
R. v. Grady (1971) 5 N.S.R. (2d) 264 NS CA