Canadian Criminal Procedure and Practice/Cases/Warrant Searches

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Case Citation s.8 s.24 Summary
R. v. Dowling 2011 ABQB 790 N N search warrant of house with suspicious traffic
R. v. Mahmood 2011 ONCA 693 N - warrant for cell phone number log upheld
R. v. Ngo 2011 ONSC 6676 N - search warrant upheld on s. 8 challenge
R. v. Lee 2011 ABCA 310 warrant to enter home upheld
R. v. Nguyen 2011 ONCA 465 search warrant challenged; no violation
R. v. Pike 2010 NLTD 97 Y ? secured blood samples prior to warrant being issued
R. v. Nguyen 2002 BCPC 12 N - search warrant executed to search house; police also searched parked car
R. v. Puskas 1997 CanLII 1159 Y N Search warrant to house based on anonymous tip upheld trial level acquitted; overturned on issue of s.24(2) analysis
R. v. Nguyen and Nguyen 2010 ONSC 1520 Y Y
R. v. Parasiris 2008 QCCS 2460 Y ?
  • R. v. Watts, 2012 ONSC 1865 -- no s.8 violation—ITO search warrant for hard entry into house looking for guns and drugs—warrant based on confidential informer—contained errors—upheld
  • R. v. Darby, 2012 ABCA 27 || ITO upheld anonymous informer
  • R. v. Dionisi, 2012 ABCA 20 || ITO upheld, based on anonymous informer
  • R. v. Morgan, 2012 ONCA 28 -- ITO found valid despite errors in affidavit


Wire taps[edit]

R. v Bulatci, 2012 NWTCA 6 -- wiretap of accused in prison violated s.8 but admissible

  • R. v. Martin, 2010 NBCA 41 [1] || breach of s.8 found, evidence NOT excluded under s. 24(2)
  • R. v. Della Penna, 2012 BCCA 3 || wiretap allowed on appeal

Bodily sample[edit]

  • R. v. Ramage, 2010 ONCA 488 -- breach s. 8; saved under s.24(2)
  • R. v. Emshey, 2010 ABPC 237 -- s.8 violation; admitted under s.24(2)