Canadian Criminal Law/Cases/Child Pornography

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Case Citation Verdict Summary
R v Lorenz 2012 SKQB 293 (CanLII) acquitted for making CP
R v Jacques 2012 SKQB 277 guilty of possession and not guilty of making available P2P case
R v Clayton 2012 ABQB 196 conviction gigatribe distribution
R. v. Allart 2012 BCCA 100 conviction for poss’n CP
R v Jeffrey 2012 SKPC 12 guilty of distributing
R. v. Wanamaker 2011 ABQB 310 guilty
R v SS, 2011 SKPC 102 not guilty judge could not determine age of youths in images
R. v. Carrano 2011 ONSC 7718 acquittal for innocent possession of CP
R. v. Jones 2011 ONCA 632 new trial ordered
R. v. Smith 2011 BCSC 1826
R. v. Love 2011 ABPC 40 not guilty not guilty due to lack of evidence of possession
R. v. R.D. 2010 BCCA 313 not guilty
R. v. Garbett 2010 ONSC 2762
R v Spencer 2011 SKCA 144 conviction upheld
R v Leugner 2011 SKQB 469 accused argued officially induced error on possession of CP books
R. v. Leugner 2010 SKPC 50 guilty of importing and possession fictional stories of child sexual abuse
R. v. Rudiger 2010 BCPC 182 guilty possession; considered definition
R. v. Pressacco 2010 SKQB 114 guilty of possessing and accessing CP
R. v. C.M. 2009 MBPC 35 guilty of making and possessing CP
R. v. Grant 2009 BCCA 72 guilty
R. v. Trapp 2009 SKPC 109 conviction for making CP available
R. v. Ballendine 2009 BCSC 1938 not guilty for making, but guilty for everything else
R. v. Johannson 2008 SKQB 451 guilty of making available
R. v. Dittrich 2008 CanLII 19217 (ON SC) guilty of possession, not guilty of accessing and making
R. v. Dabrowski 2007 ONCA 619
R. v. Tripp 2007 NBPC 32 (CanLII) not guilty for possession
R. v. Horvat 2006 CanLII 13426 (ON SC) guilty
R. v. Beattie 2005 CanLII 10273 (ON CA) acquittal overturned pornographic stories
R. v. J.E.I. 2005 BCCA 584 guilty considers dominant purpose
R. v. S. (V.P.) 2001 BCSC 619 guilty considered definition of sexual organ and dominant purpose
R. v. Nedelec 2001 BCSC 1334 guilty of possession considers definition
R v. Weir 1998 ABQB 56 guilty of distribution