Canadian Criminal Law/Appendix/Model Examinations/Drug Impaired Driving

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DRE Expert[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

  • Name / employer / duration of employment / current position
  • employment on date of offence / on duty on day of offence

Qualification[edit | edit source]

  • Any special training with respect to Drug Impairment cases
  • Identify what is a Drug Recognition Expert
  • Training coverage
    • Identify drug categories based on symptoms
    • Evaluation process and recording process
    • Interpretation of results
  • Go through the categories:
    • Central nervous system depressant, inhalants, dis-associative aesthetic, cannabis, central nervous system stimulant, hallucinogens, narcotic analgesic
  • Go through training:
    • name of course / where is it available / who developed it / standardized program
    • starting at first program, list all educational programs completed, including duration (hours/days)
    • whether training involved actual testing / circumstances of these evaluations / ability to confirm results / any supervision
    • Go through the test involved (types of drugs detected, indicia of impairment)
    • success in the course / any certification / by what organization / time and duration of certification / requirements to be certified / requirements to maintain certification
    • Any other relevant training
    • gave training / presentations on the topic
    • Admit Resume
  • Experience
    • number of prior arrests for DRE case / # of times you have made evaluations / # of times you have testified in court on DRE case / # of times qualified (when and where)
    • documenting all prior evaluations / method of documenting / reviewed before court
    • confirming DRE opinion through toxicology report (blood or urine) / does not record quantity / knowledge of dissipation rates

Incident[edit | edit source]