CS Command Line Tools - Setup Manual (wiki version)/Under Windows 95/98

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If you extracted the executables to the directory "C:\WINDOWS\Command", then you are done with the setup. Otherwise take the following steps (we refer to the directory "C:\Command" as an example):

  1. Extend the Start menu and choose "Run...".
  2. Type "sysedit" in the edit box of the new window and click the "OK" button below.
  3. In the System Configuration Editor, select the child window titled "C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT" to see the contents of that file.
  4. Add the path ";C:\Command" to the entry starting with "SET Path", as shown in the image below (do not forget the semicolon). If that entry does not exist, type "SET Path=C:\Command" in a new paragraph .
  5. Save changes before you exit the editor and reboot the computer so the changes take effect.