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This is the part of CRE Loaded where you can assign permissions to individuals or groups. For instance you can create a group called 'Catalog Editor' and allow members only to access the catalog

Member Groups[edit]

To enter this section click on the following on the left-hand bar in CRE Loaded.

Administrator -> Member Groups

To add a new user[edit]

Click the following:

Administrator -> Member Groups -> new member

Then fill in the spaces for Firstname, Lastname, Email Address, and Group Level

To add a new group[edit]

Click on the following:

Administrator -> Member Groups -> groups -> new group

Then fill in the space for group name and click next.

Remember that before users can do anything with this group the group has to be given permissions.

To add or remove a group's permissions[edit]

Click on the following:

Administrator -> Member Groups -> groups

Then from the list displayed click on the relevant group. Clicking new permission from here will produce a list of permissions. To add a permission check the relevant check box.

A list of permissions will be given in Appendix_Administrator

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Update Account[edit]

Allows simple alterations to your account.

File Access[edit]

Allows an administrator to install and uninstall directories on the server.