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In questa pagina si propongono attività CLIL inerenti le Scienze della Terra, o link a siti e materiali utili per svolgere attività in lingua.

CLIL activities on volcanoes[edit]

Learning goals[edit]

After this activity a student should be able to explain the follow phenomena

  • Describe the structure of a generic volcano
  • Describe the types of volcanoes
  • Describe how volcano forms
  • Describe where volcanoes occur and why
  • Describe the main active volcanoes in the world
  • Describe the main active italian volcanoes

Learning materials[edit]

Videos on YouTube (didattici)[edit] la prima parte è un po' d'effetto, la seconda è più didattica

StudyJams - Volcanoes simpatico cartone ma chiaro e semplice (ha bisogno del plugin flash attivato)

Khan Acadamy - Hawaiian-islands-formation formazione delle Hawai su Khan Academy (non c'è altro...) altro semplice cartoon con audio ben fatto da Mexus Education con logo davanti ...(sennò bisogna pagare...) breve ma con buon audio (e video low resol)

Videos on YouTube (documentari)[edit] documentario 44' LR ba discreto audio documentario BBC sulle eruzioni islandesi documentario BBC sui vulcani attivi

Wikipedia useful pages[edit] the page about volcanoes on Wikipedia the simple-english page on wikipdia <--- very useful to start!!!

Wikibooks about volcanoes[edit]

Volcanoes on Wikibook fo High School <-- very useful to work with (with exercises)

Tectonic plates (on Historical Geology)

Italian volcanoes

Volcanoes in the world


Simple and good physical geografy glossary of terms



Useful software[edit]

Anki opensource software ti memorize terms and definitions. It's a flash card software. Here you can find a set of cards (deck) about volcanoes that help you to memorize the main english related words.

Other useful[edit] è protetto ma si può leggere (8 pagine) (here you can find a good power point with lectures notes and execises) animazione della BBC sui vulcani

Example of a clil activity on vulcanoes[edit]

  1. Lesson 0 (homework): learn some key words about vulcanoes.
  2. Lesson 1: power point for basic informations on vulcanoes.
  3. Lesson 2: reading and listening exercises using wikipedia and wikibooks pages on vulcanoes.
  4. Lesson 3: watching a documentary on vulcanoes (with subtitles) (es. BBC Earth: The Power of the Planet. Volcano 1-5)
  5. Lesson 4-5: work in group: build a power point (or a document, or a web page, ...) on a related subject.
  6. Lesson 6: exposition of the work

CLIL activities on plate tectonics[edit]

CLIL activities on earthquakes[edit]