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Server Administrator Exam[edit]


Server Administrator skills are not product- or system-specific. They are a combination of minimal technical and non-technical skills and knowledge required for those interested in developing specific Internet skills as a Web Server Administrator. Skills measured in the 1D0-450 exam include but are not limited to:

Common IT services, focusing on hardware platforms and frequently used operating systems.[edit]

TCP/IP configuration parameters, and Windows 2000 and Linux system configuration with static IP addresses.[edit]

User access levels, password policies, and permissions based on standard practice and procedures.[edit]

Management of users in Windows 2000 and Linux.[edit]

Domain Name System (DNS) in Windows 2000 and Linux.[edit]

Name resolution options for LANs and WANs, including the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and Samba.[edit]

Internet services including FTP and Telnet, and control of access to these services.[edit]

Web servers, including Microsoft IIS and Apache Server.[edit]

Advanced Web server administration tasks.[edit]

User-based access to Web servers.[edit]

Limitation of access based on IP addresses.[edit]

Functionality of a Web server, including Perl configuration and additional services.[edit]

Web server connection to a database via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).[edit]

Configuration and management of streaming media servers.[edit]

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transactions.[edit]

Management of news servers.[edit]

Configuration and management of SMTP, IMAP and POP3 e-mail servers.[edit]

Configuration and management of proxy servers and Internet servers.[edit]

Server and service log analysis.[edit]

System performance evaluation.[edit]

Internal and external security risks.[edit]