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A CIW Database Specialist plans and designs relational databases. This individual defines the structure of a database, employs Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams and normalization to optimize databases, builds database client applications, and performs database maintenance and security administration. Skills measured in the 1D0-441 exam include but are not limited to:

Database management systems (DBMS), and advantages and disadvantages of using a DBMS.[edit]

Relational model terminology, relational tables and their characteristics.[edit]

Database design life cycle and aspects of database planning.[edit]

Relational database design methodology and phases of database design.[edit]

Normalization processes and normal forms.[edit]

Design issues related to logical and physical database design.[edit]

Database definition languages.[edit]

Structured Query Language (SQL) commands and syntax.[edit]

Relational algebra and concepts related to relational algebra.[edit]

JDBC API architecture and implementation of relational database management systems.[edit]

Establishment of database connections.[edit]

Table and query manipulation in a database using JDBC.[edit]

SQL statement storage and execution.[edit]

Prepared statements and stored procedures with database management systems (DBMS).[edit]

DBMS or database metadata.[edit]

Scrollable and updatable result sets.[edit]

Batch updates (a new function of JDBC 2.0 that increases efficiency).[edit]

Graphical database clients.[edit]