CCNA Voice Certification

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This book is designed as preparation for the Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice test.

Table of Contents[edit]

  1. Introduction 00%.svg

Voice Over IP Basics[edit]

  1. Analog Versus Digital 00%.svg
  2. Cisco Voice Network Components 00%.svg
  3. Codecs 00%.svg
    1. G.711 00%.svg
    2. G.729 00%.svg
    3. iLBC 00%.svg
  4. Quality of Service 00%.svg
    1. PQ 00%.svg
    2. WFQ 00%.svg
    3. CBWFQ 00%.svg
    4. LLQ 00%.svg

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express[edit]

  1. CME Basics 00%.svg
  2. Dial Peers 00%.svg
    1. Call Legs 00%.svg
    2. Wildcards 00%.svg
    3. Digit Manipulation 00%.svg
  3. Setting CME Up 00%.svg
    1. VLANs 00%.svg
    2. DHCP 00%.svg
    3. Telephony Service Mode 00%.svg
    4. CCP 00%.svg
  4. CME Call Features 00%.svg
    1. Call Transfer 00%.svg
    2. Call Forwarding 00%.svg
    3. Call Parking 00%.svg
    4. Call Pickup 00%.svg
    5. Intercom 00%.svg
    6. Paging 00%.svg
    7. MoH 00%.svg
    8. SNR 00%.svg
  5. Class Of Restrictions 00%.svg

Cisco Unified Communications Manager[edit]

  1. CUCM Basics 00%.svg


  1. Unity Express 00%.svg
  2. Unity Connection 00%.svg