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About Visual Localize[edit | edit source]

Visual Localize is a specialized tool for translating software and adapting the graphical user interface (GUI). Visual Localize is not a machine translation tool. Visual Localize as a computer aided translation (CAT) tool will help a human translator to translate software files using the internal database. In addition to this Visual Localize will help to prevent typical errors (e.g. truncated texts, non-unique usage of accelerators, ...) during the translation of software. Using a WYSIWYG editor to display all control elements on dialogs and menus allows the translator to see the context. Visual Localize enables translators to translate software applications (various software specific modules such as EXE, DLL (Win32 / .NET), OCX, XML, CHM, INI, RC, RESX, RESOURCES,.. etc.) into any language.

Links[edit | edit source]

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