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System Requirements[edit]

OmegaT requires a Java Runtime Environment (also known as JRE). Essentially, if your system will run Java programs it will run OmegaT. Java Runtime Environments are available for the following platforms: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, UNIX, Linux, and Solaris (both x86 and Sun SPARC). Mac OS X comes with one pre-installed.

This OmegaT release requires a JRE version of 1.4 or higher, and we recommend using at least version 1.4.2 for it is the most stable out of 1.4.x JREs.

As far as the OmegaT project team is aware, OmegaT does NOT run on the following platforms:

  • Windows NT; the NT Java implementation contains bugs
  • Mac OS 9; the only Java Runtime Environment available for it (known as MRJ) does not offer the required functionality.