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Language Character Sets and Fonts[edit]

A different display font can be selected via the Display Font dialog. Open it via the Settings > Display Font... menu item. The font type and size can be changed from the dialog.

Note that the font selected applies only to the user interface display (i.e. the Editor and Match and Glossary Viewer windows. It has no effect on the fonts used within any formatted documents. The fonts available for selection are those which are available on your system.

In order to permit translation between two languages which employ different alphabets, select a font which contains the character sets of both alphabets. Installation of additional fonts might be necessary in certain cases.

On Mac OS X, the operating system automatically selects a combination of fonts to represent the necessary characters. In some cases it is more effective to manually select the fonts to use.

If no single font contains the needed character sets, a virtual Java font (e.g. Serif) can be selected and defined in such a way that it uses multiple real fonts. Refer to the instructions available on the OmegaT website for customization and modification in this case.

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