Business Analysis Guidebook/Noted Contributors

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The material included in this wikibook was authored by members of the Capital District Business Analysis Community of Practice (BACOP) Guidebook Committee, led by Barbara Ash (retired from the NYS Office of the State Comptroller) and Kelly Smith-Lawless (currently PPM Director of the General Gov't Cluster within NYS Office for Information Technology). This material was organized and drafted over a period of a couple years and care was taken to ensure representation from across various agencies within NYS Government. The goal was to establish a common framework from which all IT projects could leverage in order to develop a consistent approach across different agencies. BACOP Representatives (past and present) that contributed to this wikibook as authors and editors include:

  • Jim Alderdice (ITS)
  • Barbara Ash (OSC)
  • Marina Brereton (PubSafety)
  • Todd Britton (OSC)
  • Karen Conners (PubSafety)
  • Michelle Cuchelo (GGC)
  • Susan Davis (NYSIF)
  • Marcia Eaton (Health)
  • Belinda Jackson (Health)
  • Deena Jones (WCB)
  • Erlene Kent (TED)
  • Tina Koberger (TED)
  • Nathan Kroop (Health)
  • Kimberly Manion (Health)
  • Prachi Mondaiyka (Health)
  • Beth Ostwald (Tax)
  • Kelly Smith-Lawless (GGC)
  • Susan Travis (GGC)
  • Elaine Wing (Health)
  • Elaine Zuk (ENV)