Bus Operation in the United Kingdom/Glossary

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  • Discs - the physical paper disks, one of which is issued per vehicle authorised to be used by an operator. These must be carried on the vehicle when in use.[1]

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  • Hire or Reward - any payment which gives a passenger a right to be carried, even if a passenger does not subsequently travel. The payment may not always necessarily be cash.[2] Indirect payment is also included, such as payments to a hotel that include travel to the hotel.[1]

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  • Local bus services - A bus service where passengers pay separate fares, and can alight within 15 miles (24 kilometres) (as the crow flies) of their boarding point.[3]

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  • Public Service Vehicle (PSV) - a motor vehicle (other than a tram), that fits within either of the following two criteria: a vehicle adapted to carry more than eight passengers, that is used for carrying passengers for hire or reward; or a vehicle not so adapted, but is used for carrying passengers for hire or reward at separate fares in the course of a business of carrying passengers.[4]

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References[edit | edit source]

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