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Common question words[edit]

  • Защо? (formal and informal) (zashtó?), Що? (very informal) (shto?) = Why?
  • Какво? (kakvó?) = What?
  • Къде? (kadé?) = Where?
  • Как? (kak?) = How?
  • Кога? (kogá?) = When?

Common questions[edit]

  • Как си? (Kak si?) = How are you?
  • Какво правиш? (kakvó právish) = What are you doing?
  • Какво работиш? (Kakvo rabótish?) (informal) = What do you do?
  • Къде отиваш? (Kədé otívash) = Where are you going?
  • Гладен ли си? = (Gláden li si?) = Are you hungry?
  • Жаден ли си? = (Zháden li si?) = Are you thirsty?
  • Кога ще се върнеш? (Kogá shte se və́rnesh?) = When are you coming back?
  • Кога ще се видим (пак)? (Kogá shte se vídim (pak) = When are we going to see each other (again)?